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Ingeniería Carpenn, S.A. was born from the concern to form a company dedicated to the construction of safe and efficient electrical systems, which cover all the needs of our clients, for this reason we offer services for all stages, from design to maintenance.

Safety in electrical installations and the total satisfaction of those who choose us are the main objectives of our company, so our priorities are focused on recruiting technically qualified human resources and maintaining the permanent support of our administrative headquarters, in addition to constant supervision in the work area by specialized personnel, trained to solve problems.

Our commitment is to make our company a known corporation for its commitment to achieve quality, safe and efficient work and to be sure that each and every one of our clients is satisfied with the result obtained from their investment, making our motto a reality. that definitely OUR EXPERIENCE IN ELECTRICITY GUARANTEES YOUR SAFETY.


  • To be leaders in the market for the design, installation and maintenance of electrical systems, dedicating our efforts to serving mostly construction companies and other companies that require our services.
  • For this we have highly trained technical and administrative staff, as well as use the corresponding manual and technological tools.
  • Our goal is to be a financially solid and reliable company and that our clients feel satisfied by the presentation of a service that will generate an electrical system of high reliability, efficiency and safety, which we can achieve thanks to more than 25 years of experiences in the field of Electrical Systems design, which qualifies us as experts in the field.
  • Our company cares about the safety of the facilities it carries out and about providing preventive maintenance that minimizes possible damage to infrastructure and the environment. We are also committed to the welfare of our employees, for which we comply with all current legal regulations that provide protection to workers.

Our Personal

We are a great team to your services
  • We currently have a total of 9 professionals in the branches of Electrical and Electromechanical Engineering.
  • Our administrative staff consists of lawyers, accountants, administrative assistants, purchasing and human resources.
  • We have more than 200 workers between permanent employees and employees hired for a defined time according to the work requirements.
  • Our offices are equipped with technology for the proper management of accounting and human resources issues.
  • We have the support of the main suppliers of electrical materials in Panama.



  • Our headquarters is located in Office 1-A of the St. Emillion Building, located on Calle 69 in the Barrio de San Francisco in Panama City. We have offices equipped with high technology and defined work areas for each department. From there all field work is coordinated and all administrative processes of the company are carried out. We also have our own warehouse for electrical materials so that our service is more expeditious.
  • We have our own vehicles for the mobilization of personnel and materials, in addition to all the necessary tools for the proper execution of the work. Our staff is provided with the necessary security equipment to guarantee their physical integrity and protected by compliance with national labor regulations. Administrative management is reinforced with the computing platform that streamlines accounting, human resources, and design and project processes.

About Us